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Thursday, 27 December 2012 13:46
Competition of NGO of the Kostanay region

On December 13, 2012 were summed up NGO Competition where were awarded 9 best, creative and worthy non-governmental organizations of the Kostanay region on the nominations:

1 . The best NGO in the field of work with youth and children;

2 . The best NGO in the field of protection of the rights;

3 . The best NGO in the field of healthy lifestyle promotion;

4 . The best NGO in the field of work with people with limited opportunities;

5 . The best NGO to support of civil initiatives;

6 . The best NGO in realization of a state policy in the sphere of the interethnic relations;

7 . The best NGO in the sphere of realization of gender and family and demographic policy;

8 . The most successful project, social action;

9 . The most successful civil initiative.

About 50 non-governmental organizations took part in competition голрода Kostanaya and areas. Competition took place within a month in some stages: filling of the application for participation in competition, presentation on the nominations and rewarding of the best NGO with Akim of the Kostanay region.

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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 09:53
Cycle of trainings for people with limited possibilities

In Kostanaysky area about 22 000 people with limited possibilities. All of them need the help, assistance and, simply, sympathy. Somehow to facilitate them life "Jean Omir's" public association with psychologists of Public fund "Perekrestok" carried out a cycle of the seminars trainings directed on self-development and personal growth of disabled people.

The first seminar passed on September 25 and was directed on girls and women with limited possibilities. During a seminar pressing problems of disabled people were discussed, their requirements and that it is possible to make to improve their living conditions. For effective work of the participant shared on small groups and in the groups created ways of the solution of the main problems. Also mentioned an employment subject. Unfortunately, not all employers are ready to take for work of the person with limited possibilities. Therefore it also one of sore problems in the cities of Kostanay and Ore. Creation of circles on interests, i.e. transfer of the knowledge to younger generation through training to their sewing, knitting and embroidery was one of decisions.

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Monday, 29 Октябрь 2012 13:17
In Kostanaye there took place fair of social ideas and projects

As the organizer of this action the public fund "Civil alliance of the Kostanay region "Green" acted with financial support public institution "Management of domestic policy of akimat of the Kostanay region".

More than 50 Non-governmental organizations of the Kostanay region which filled in applications for participation in competition of social ideas and projects took part in fair. The public fund "Perekrestok" also took active part in fair where exposed on a jury review the Tourism Hurried project realized in the summer of 2012. The project consisted in the organization of a 7-day camp for children with limited opportunities. Children lived all week in the tent small town where every day it was devoted to a certain subject: to skills of a komandoobrazovaniye, rock-climbing, fencing, firing from onions, tourism and rendering the first medical care. Only 20 children therefore the next year it would be desirable to continue channelized with broader coverage were captured.

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Thursday, 27 September 2012 00:00
Stock "Forum for a Healthy Lifestyle"

On Thursday September 27 in the city of Kostanaye Public fund "Perekrestok" together with GKKP "Kostanaysky Regional Center of Problems of Formation of a Healthy Lifestyle" within the "Involvement of Teenagers and Youth in Volunteer Movement on Healthy Lifestyle Promotion " a Forum for a Healthy Lifestyle " among the Area Population" project carried out the stock "Forum for a Healthy Lifestyle" on Ahmet Baytursynov Square.

Action purpose: public drawing attention to preservation and healthy lifestyle promotion among the population of the city of Kostanaya.

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Monday, 17 September 2012 09:11
School of young rescuers

The public fund "Perekrestok" started implementation of the "Organization of Events on Prevention of Road and Household Traumatism among Children of Preschool and School Age of the Kostanay Region" project, financed GKKP "Kostanaysky Regional Center of Problems of Formation of a Healthy Lifestyle".

Within this project on Sunday September 16 there passed training school of the young rescuer which passed on the sports Rainbow base. Active part in this action was taken by school students of the Fedorovsky region of 5-10 classes. The program included such directions, as training in a rock-climbing, skills of transitions over an abyss and through the damaged sites of the road, skills of rendering the first medical care and delivery of the wounded to point of medical care. Special guests of school were the captain of traffic police Yury Panasenko who led discussion with school students by traffic regulations and safety on roads and the executive director of "Civil alliance of the Kostanay region" Gulmira Kapenova who led discussion with teachers about involvement of teenagers in school life.

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