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-         International project "Youth against drug use without borders" - Russia, Poland, Kostanay - training of traditional leaders in drug prevention method, "Peer-to-peer."

-         The project "Healthy Communication" - training for boarding schools

-         The "We Need Volunteers!" Volunteer Staff Development, which is part of a volunteer network of Kazakhstan "Kun Aleme".

-         The project "Tutorship" - a short stay of children from orphanages in families, and their adaptation.

-         The "We Need Volunteers!" for  developing Kostanay oblast volunteer network in the cities. Kostanay Zhitikara, Lisakovsk, Rudny through a series of workshops bulletin and radio programs (2003).

-         The project "Art Therapy for Kids" - art therapists work with children, inmates of a boarding school № 2 for disclosure of their abilities.

-         "The newspaper" - publication of the newspaper "Dots" of child inmates Kostanay oblast children's home.

-         Undertake activities to prevention and treatment of drug addiction among youth and adolescents.

-         The development of civil society (2008 - 2009)

-         "The Center of the competitiveness of Youth" (2008 - 2009)

-         The information campaign against human trafficking and worst forms of child labor (2009)

-         "Creating a consensus mechanisms to solve social conflicts" (2010)

-         «The path of life»- the improvement of preventive work with children, standing on intraschool registered, the creation of conditions for positive of social adaptation of young offenders (2010)

-         "The Way Home" - development alternative forms of orphaned children and children without parental care (2007 – 2011)

-         "The involvement of teenagers and young people in the voluntary movement promoting healthy lifestyles, prevention of alcoholism" (2011)

-         Summer School for Drug Prevention (2011)

-         "Where the wind blows" – creation mechanism of free access for full correction trainings, as well as the summer holiday for people with disabilities (2011 – 2012)

-         Organization of  one-day exit of the summer camp for children with disabilities (2012)

-         "Special Tourism" - tented camp for children with disabilities (2012)


Этапы строительства центра "Хатико"

Начало акции по сбору средств на строительство центра "ХАТИКО"

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