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Thursday, 13 September 2012 12:50

Every year, on roads of our country, perish and are traumatized a large number of people. The most terrible that the considerable part of this problem is occupied by incidents with participation of children and teenagers.

For prevention and prevention of road accidents and road traumatism among children, the public fund "Perekryostok" with support of the Kostanaysky regional center "Problems of formation of a healthy lifestyle", within a ten-day campaign on prevention of road accidents, carried out the stock "Competition of Children's Drawings on Asphalt".

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Thursday, 16 Август 2012 14:54

The public fund "Perekrestok" is honored, included in a row the organizations which take part in carrying out all-republican leader camp for activists of a youth wing of the party of "Nour Otan". Participants of a youth wing of the party "Zhas Otan", gathered from the most different corners of our homeland, will work and perfect the skills two weeks.

The program which employees prepared Public fund "Perekrestok", strikes with abundance of training exercises of a certain complexity and pursued tasks which should be solved to participants of camp to improve already available skills and to find the new.

At the heart of the program the common global goal lies: improvement of work of each participant separately and teams as a whole.

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012 09:44
Camp for people with limited opportunities

From July 5 to July 9 I passed the 2nd camp for people with limited opportunities. The public fund "Perekrestok" with financial support "Fund of the First President of RK – the Leader of the Nation" was the organizer of this action. The camp passed on the basis of the sports Rainbow base. Participants are a youth with limited opportunities of 12 - 25 years.

To get to a camp the desire to live in tent and to be trained to skills of tourism was necessary only. Therefore wishing was much, but there could go only 10 participants and 10 accompanying.

In day of arrival the first half of day was devoted to the organizational moments – distribution of tents, receiving карематов, mattresses, sleeping bags, small lamps and spirals from mosquitoes. After a dinner the training program which was directed on a komandoobrazovaniye of participants began. Participants passed different exercises everything together, one team which purpose acquaintance, unity and ability to work together was. Evening passed in the warm friendly atmosphere with a guitar and board games.

In the second day participants were trained in skills of a rock-climbing. The first half of day was devoted to the theory – that such system, an insurance, carbines, dyulfer, also participants learned to knit safety knots: eight, nine, counter eight, булинь, Swiss conductor. Having examined theoretical part, participants started the practical – rock climbing wall conquest. Despite the physical weakness, all participants could overcome the fear and master lifting on a steep wall.

The third day also was saturated with new events since the campaign about the wood with all preparations and duly was planned. In passing the group of tourists learned as it is necessary to behave in the wood that can't be done, what mushrooms and berries edible and what it is better to avoid. On a halt, having had a rest and having supported, participants having divided into some groups, prepared a place for tents and learned to establish them. After a dinner were practical class in fire kindling in the wood from one match. All could cope with an objective.

The fourth day was day of training of rendering the first medical care where the trainer told to participants about various traumas which can be got in the wood and as it is correct to process them and to tie up. After that participants practised the friend on the friend how to impose tires at changes and how to process wounds at burns.

The fifth day – training in firing from onions and skills of fencing. Till a dinner the group was engaged in creative work – prepared suits of the real knights for participation in tournament of archers. After a dinner time of the tournament which consisted of competitions on ability to use onions and a sword came. And evening of participants the surprise from organizers in the form of a disco waited. All were so surprised and glad that at once hastened to dress up and change clothes for dances.

The last fifth day came so quickly that participants were very afflicted with fast departure. But all the same their eyes were shone with happiness because for many it there was an outdoor recreation first in their life with accommodation in tents and with such saturated program. This day was free from training and everyone could be engaged in that didn't manage to make yet: to take a walk on the wood, to assemble cones, to exchange contacts with all participants of camp.

This camp taught many things not only participants, but also trainers. Each of those who could visit this camp wished to arrive once again and again to endure those feelings and emotions which they had.

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Monday, 25 June 2012 09:14
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Палаточный лагерь для ДсОВ

Семидневный лагерь для детей с ограниченными возможностями

Пионерский лагерь – это словосочетание с теплотой в сердце отзывается у каждого человека  сердце, кто хотя бы раз отдыхал в лагере. Свежий воздух, тишина ночи, улыбки и радость детей.

Дети бывают разные: веселые, задорные, непоседливые, а также дети бывают особенные, к таким детям нужен особый подход, особый уход. Далеко не все родители и могут позволить себе выезд ребенка в летний лагерь, и проблема вовсе не в финансах.

ОФ «Перекресток» при поддержке «Фонда первого президента РК – Лидера нации» организовал первый в области палаточный многодневный лагерь для детей с ограниченными возможностями.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012 08:32
Summer one-day camp for people with limited opportunities

The rhythm of city life and daily cares sometimes don't leave to us time in order that it is simple to sit and stay alone with itself, having distracted and thinking of what.

The public fund "Perekrestok" presented to participants of one-day summer camp which passed on recreation facility "Rainbow" with support Public institution "Management of coordination of employment and social programs of akimat of the Kostanay region" such unforgettable opportunity. The exit camp was organized for people with limited opportunities, with them psychologists – the trainer worked. Work of participants was directed on a relaxation and harmonization which was conducted in the direction an art - therapies. The whole day was broken into two parts. In the first part participants were given full freedom of imagination, they were engaged in panel creation from natural and artificial materials. The second task was creation of vases from the provided forms which participants pasted over with plasticine and created the real bas-relief masterpieces, worthy the best galleries of the world, they dreamed, painted and pasted. The first part of day passed is very fruitful, according to participants of training:

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