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Monday, 17 September 2012 09:11
School of young rescuers

The public fund "Perekrestok" started implementation of the "Organization of Events on Prevention of Road and Household Traumatism among Children of Preschool and School Age of the Kostanay Region" project, financed GKKP "Kostanaysky Regional Center of Problems of Formation of a Healthy Lifestyle".

Within this project on Sunday September 16 there passed training school of the young rescuer which passed on the sports Rainbow base. Active part in this action was taken by school students of the Fedorovsky region of 5-10 classes. The program included such directions, as training in a rock-climbing, skills of transitions over an abyss and through the damaged sites of the road, skills of rendering the first medical care and delivery of the wounded to point of medical care. Special guests of school were the captain of traffic police Yury Panasenko who led discussion with school students by traffic regulations and safety on roads and the executive director of "Civil alliance of the Kostanay region" Gulmira Kapenova who led discussion with teachers about involvement of teenagers in school life.

All participants were divided into some groups, each of which had to pass all necessary stations and receive theoretical part to put it into practice right there on a place. Between occupations participants walked on the wood and learned to be guided correctly on the unfamiliar district.

The dinner was made duly on a fire. Thanks to the help of Sbytprodukt LLP which provided for this action the new product macaroni to Farsherona, the dinner turned out very nourishing, tasty and not forgotten.

Participants felt towards evening tired, but happy and are full energy to continue the begun business, i.e. training in skills of rescue of lives. Further is planned to continue channelized and already in more detail to train school students who having taken all training course will receive badges of the young rescuer more deeply

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