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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 09:53
Cycle of trainings for people with limited possibilities

In Kostanaysky area about 22 000 people with limited possibilities. All of them need the help, assistance and, simply, sympathy. Somehow to facilitate them life "Jean Omir's" public association with psychologists of Public fund "Perekrestok" carried out a cycle of the seminars trainings directed on self-development and personal growth of disabled people.

The first seminar passed on September 25 and was directed on girls and women with limited possibilities. During a seminar pressing problems of disabled people were discussed, their requirements and that it is possible to make to improve their living conditions. For effective work of the participant shared on small groups and in the groups created ways of the solution of the main problems. Also mentioned an employment subject. Unfortunately, not all employers are ready to take for work of the person with limited possibilities. Therefore it also one of sore problems in the cities of Kostanay and Ore. Creation of circles on interests, i.e. transfer of the knowledge to younger generation through training to their sewing, knitting and embroidery was one of decisions.

The second seminar took place on October 16 for young men and men with limited possibilities. The seminar training was directed on the solution of actual problems and interaction with an opposite sex. This seminar included a theoretical part according to the solution of problems and practical – training to consult with a stressful situation and the conflicts and also how to fulfill your potential in life.

The third seminar training passed on November 5 for the family with limited possibilities. Also there were social workers and the psychologists working directly with people with limited possibilities. The subject of was mentioned how to inspire confidence to disabled people and to teach the tolerant relation to them from all society. By means of practical exercises participants felt on themselves what it to be in what - that limited. On the completion of training, participants thanked organizers and psychologists-trenirov for productive work and useful information.

Organizers of seminars trainings consider that it is only the initial stage. In the future it is necessary to continue the begun work and not to stop on reached because disabled people need as in social, and a psychological assistance from society. Therefore such actions let know to people with limited possibilities that they are necessary to society and the state, the main thing not to become reserved, and to participate in public work.

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