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Thursday, 27 December 2012 13:46
Competition of NGO of the Kostanay region

On December 13, 2012 were summed up NGO Competition where were awarded 9 best, creative and worthy non-governmental organizations of the Kostanay region on the nominations:

1 . The best NGO in the field of work with youth and children;

2 . The best NGO in the field of protection of the rights;

3 . The best NGO in the field of healthy lifestyle promotion;

4 . The best NGO in the field of work with people with limited opportunities;

5 . The best NGO to support of civil initiatives;

6 . The best NGO in realization of a state policy in the sphere of the interethnic relations;

7 . The best NGO in the sphere of realization of gender and family and demographic policy;

8 . The most successful project, social action;

9 . The most successful civil initiative.

About 50 non-governmental organizations took part in competition голрода Kostanaya and areas. Competition took place within a month in some stages: filling of the application for participation in competition, presentation on the nominations and rewarding of the best NGO with Akim of the Kostanay region.

The public fund "Perekrestok" took active part in Competition and won a victory in the nomination "The best NGO in the field of healthy lifestyle promotion". The Intersection is engaged in prevention of various forms of dependence from the basis, more than 11 years therefore knows this problem from within. For more successful work with dependences the team of trainers of fund decided to depart from outdated preventive occupations and developed a thematic quest where children in a game form are informed on a drug addiction and alcoholism problem. All participants of a quest reach an ultimate goal as they have passion and interest.

Certainly, for these years it is much made in the prevention sphere, but we don't stop on reached, and we move further, we will think up new forms of promotion of a healthy lifestyle already with participation of children that they imparted already received knowledge and experience to the younger companions.

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Этапы строительства центра "Хатико"

Начало акции по сбору средств на строительство центра "ХАТИКО"

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