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  1. Department of Internal policy of Kostanay oblast
  2. Association of Children and Youth Organizations of Kostanay Oblast
  3. Department of Education, Akimat of Kostanay oblast
  4. Department of Coordination of Employment and Social Programs, Akimat of Kostanay oblast
  5. Department of Children's Rights Protection
  6. The Committee to Protect Children's Rights in Akimat of Kostanay city
  7. Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia
  8. Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan
  9. Philip Morris Kazakhstan
  10. The U.S. Embassy
  11. Embassy of Finland in Kazakhstan
  12. Youth Media Union of Kazakhstan
  13. Public Foundation "Help"
  14. "Young Leaders Kostanay"
  15. The Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan
  16. PF "Bota"
  17. Civic Alliance of Kostanay "CiIn"

Этапы строительства центра "Хатико"

Начало акции по сбору средств на строительство центра "ХАТИКО"

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